Updates, New Things, Etc.

I’ve been MIA. A lot of this has been deliberate; most literary agencies close for the entire month of December, so I haven’t had much to report. For those of you keeping score, the other two full requests I had out came back as no’s. I think part of me needed to digest that before starting with a fresh slate in 2015.

And so I have. In the past week I’ve sent out maybe ten more query letters–a brand-new query letter, mind you–and have once again taken the knife to my beloved novel.

This blog was started for the sole purpose of documenting my harrowing (read: long) journey through the querying process. However, as I’m also a college student gearing up to do my final research paper for my major (ten points for whoever can guess the major), the focus is going to change. Well, maybe it’s better to say that I’m adding a second focus: how to do research.

I’m taking a class called Senior Seminar, which is essentially a class that teaches life skills to English majors (did you guess it?) who are about to spread their wings and fly into the scary job world. As part of the class, I’m required to keep a blog of my assignments, most of which are geared toward how to do research, how to read academically, etc.

So, if you’re into that sort of thing, stick around! I’ll still be posting about the querying process, but now you get the added bonus (FOR FREE) of gaining insight into the completely opposite form of writing. Yes, creative writers can write research! At least I’m hoping that’s the case. We’ll find out.

This is still a writing  blog. See? I haven’t lied to you. Yet.


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