Commenting on Craft: Part Two

If you’re wondering out this series, check out this post first.

Here are today’s quotes:

Even so, once you have a question that holds your interest, you must pose a tougher one about it: So what? Beyond your own interest in its answer, why would others think it a question worth asking?

This is another one of those quotes that emphasizes the importance of a proper audience and keeping that audience in mind. It also helps to aid the researcher in realizing that there is a reason for what they’re doing beyond a sometimes seemingly menial task.

To make your problem their problem, you must frame it from their point of view, so that they see its costs to them. To do that, imagine that when you pose the condition part of your problem, your reader responds, So what?

This is similar to the previous quote but one that helped me narrow down my somewhat abstract topic to something more concrete, with real-life applications rather than being a little removed with every day life. Asking the question, “So what?” is actually immensely helpful, as odd as it sounds.

The consequence of a conceptual problem is a second thing that we don’t know or understand because we don’t understand the first one, and that is more significant, more consequential than the first.

This one took me a few read-throughs to actually grasp. We often think that our topic is the be-all-end-all, but every topic relates to something more universal, and it’s that universality that brings readers in and makes them care. Without that, everyone except you will think that what you’re doing is inconsequential.

This section was helpful for me in that it made me want to make my research more meaningful, which, to be fair, is the purpose of research, but one that I can easily lose sight of. I definitely think it will help me tailor my topic to something more grounded.



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