Poe in the Digital Space

For my senior seminar class, I’m required to present a “digital project,” which essentially means that I have to find some sort of online resource and present it to my class. I chose poestories.com because my capstone paper has to do with Edgar Allan Poe and Gabriel García Márquez.

Poe Stories is a website dedicated to archiving Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories in their entirety. Not only that, but the texts of the stories feature built-in definitions of antiquated words, making it accessible for any audience to read these stories. In addition to the stories, the site is home to a collection of Poe’s poetry, a compilation of other links to Poe-related sites, and a short biography of Poe, among other things.

I feel this website would be useful to anyone with an interest in Poe, whether that interest be scholarly or leisurely. The collection they’ve compiled is quite impressive, and it’s much easier to access the stories online—all in one place—than to carry around a huge anthology. The forums provide discussion, which can serve as a jumping-off point for the critical thinking needed in something like a research paper (sounds familiar…) and the biography gives context to the stories. I actually used this website in order to access “The Black Cat,” which is one of the primary texts I analyze in my paper. I loved reading the story there because of the definitions they provided.

So if you’re a Poe enthusiast, make sure you check out poestories.com! It’s a neat site with a lot of useful information.


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